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Do smaller businesses need video in their social media marketing?


Should SMEs start using video in their social media marketing? The short answer is yes — but they need to do it right. Looking at the marketing trends in 2019, it’s pretty obvious that video is an unstoppable force in social media. A few choice statistics make the point: Every day, 5 billion videos are Read more

Think that Social Media’s not right for your business? Think again.


“Well, all that social media stuff is fine…but it just wouldn’t work for our business.” Our opening quote is a viewpoint that’s still pretty common in UK businesses. In fact, it turns out that only 60% of UK businesses are currently making use of social media. Yes, fifteen years after the launch of Facebook, and Read more

Social Media Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss


 In this post, we cover four must-know social media trends that we believe all SMEs should master. For small and medium-sized businesses, social media has been a revelation. Finally, they can reach large audiences without paying the huge advertising fees that traditional media demands. But as always, there are catches. Apart from the expertise and Read more

Small Businesses: Here’s How to Get Started with Targeted Marketing


Our previous post looked at why small businesses should use targeted marketing. If you don’t want to click away right now, here’s a super-quick summary: Trying to market your product to everyone that might buy it is usually inefficient. In fact, if you try to persuade everyone, you might end up persuading no one. It’s Read more