MV Marketing

About Us

MV Marketing provide bespoke marketing solutions for businesses, specialising in SMEs. We resist the label ‘marketing agency’ — it makes us think of big price tags with a less personalised service…

…And that’s not what we’re about at all. Instead, our small team is dedicated to offering a one-to-one service that takes the time to understand your business goals. In fact, before we do anything, we want to know your business goals inside-out. After all, the better we know your company, the better we can reach your audience.

MV Marketing has developed organically through building long-lasting relationships with its clients. It’s in our DNA to treat our clients as individuals, and it’s our pleasure to see their businesses succeed. And although ‘bespoke’ and ‘affordable’ aren’t words you often see together in marketing services, that is exactly what we offer: professional marketing know-how, tailored to your needs, and at a realistic price.

We look forward to working with you.

About Maria, founder of MV Marketing

Maria has worked in the PR and Marketing sector for over ten years. Prior to this, she was a writer and journalist. Maria has a wealth of experience across all marketing channels, gained in a range of sectors. Her clients’ businesses have provided automotive, equestrian, veterinary and even electrical power grid services — to name just a few.

Maria has a thorough understanding of how SME’s work and loves to be involved in helping them grow. Her mission is to offer cost-effective marketing solutions to small businesses to help them flourish.

When Maria isn’t helping small businesses achieve their goals, you’ll find her on a horse, running with Richard Parker (her dog), trekking up a mountain for charity, or in a country pub with a glass of wine in hand!